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    About Us

    Who Are We?

    We believe that small businesses can benefit the most by utilizing the web to establish their unique voice, starting from a simple yet well constructed website and ending in an active and fun social media presence. CHWD is here to help clients achieve their goals using the web, whether these goals are to generate more sales, attract more hits or simply to get people talking about you and your organization. We are a small company dedicated to providing a local voice to community partners who feel that their web presence is in need of a significant push.

    Does the site use the imagery and colors that make the client’s business distinctive? Does it adapt to mobile platforms (phones and tablets)? Is it visible to major search engines and relevant keyword searches? Is content easily updated with the least amount of effort on the client’s part? These are matters that a small business owner may not have the time or personnel to tend to; that is where we step in, establishing a close and cooperative relationship with the client and making sure that their voice is heard by their patrons.

    We enjoy taking the time to fully understand the client’s unique voice to ensure that it is presented with clarity on their website. We feel that web design and web consultation should be exercises in understanding the client’s business and creating a product that reflects the client’s place in the community, their business goals and their unique branding.

    Why Not Do It Yourself?

    Why would you need someone to design your site for you, instead of doing it yourself?

    Small business owners are hands-on entrepreneurs who are fully enmeshed in their daily operations; building a functional website can be quite a process and is a time sink some can’t afford. An official site can’t be superficial, hastily put together affairs either. After all, these sites are meant to represent one’s business – color schemes, imagery, text all need to be tailored to reflect the business’ goals and products/services. So some more care and attention to detail should be devoted to their creation.

    Good web design is more than just a few hours’ work on a website builder; it is a dedicated project that should be completed by someone with the time and resources to make it a success. While some individuals are gifted with an eye for design and create a simple website that achieves good website goals, others would have benefited from some consultation. There are certain requirements that a website must fulfill (both tacit and not so obvious) which small business owners whom we’ve spoken to simply do not have the time to consider while attempting to build their own. We offer to explain these criteria and make the process of creating not only a website, but an entire web presence, as simple as possible for our clients.

    The Name

    A cool hat (or at least an interesting one) can be a part of a snappy ensemble, an eccentric expression of style or simply a fun, irreverent way of expressing one’s individuality. No matter what one’s purpose is for wearing such a hat, it’s a conversation starter. A website can be viewed in the same way. A well designed, informative and appealing website can be the initial point of reference for a patron researching an artist or a gourmand seeking information on a restaurant.