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    Highly Customized Website Templates

    Cool Hat Web Design focuses on creating website designs from scratch tailored to the very specific needs and requirements of our clients. We use a highly collaborative technique that involves the client very closely with the process of designing their new website. The placement of every logo image, content area, navigation menu etc. are as much up to the client as it is us. We believe that this is your site. It should reflect your unique voice.

    E-Commerce Components

    We will work with you to learn more about your business and your particular business model, to recommend the appropriate e-commerce solution you will require in order to start generating sales through your online presence. We can help you combine a professional site built on a robust Content Management System such as WordPress or Drupal, and pair that with your social media pages on Facebook or Twitter, to create a cohesive online shopping experience for your customers. Cool Hat Web Design is prepared to help you configure your online store, upload product info, integrate the store with your website and ensure that all transactions are processed via a secured page. We are also an affiliate of Merchant Warehouse and can help our clients set up their merchant accounts/point of sales/credit card gateways.

    Training for Clients – Updating Your Website

    One of the usual concerns clients have is whether they will be able to update their website themselves, without having to worry about contacting us for every little detail or having to navigate through lines and lines of code in order to find what needs changing. Cool Hat Web Design will assess the needs of the client and design the website on a platform that helps the client update text and images as easily as they would on a blog or Facebook page. We will provide training sessions via video chat or phone when needed to make sure clients are comfortable and confident with their website and its updates.

    Graphic Design

    We offer graphic design services including logo design, illustration, web and print marketing material and ad layout designs. We can offer you a new or updated logo, business card templates or provide a representative who can work on your newspaper/magazine ad layouts. Please contact us for more information and for a free quote.

    Ongoing Maintenance and Troubleshooting

    We will provide maintenance services on an existing website that may have been built on a CMS (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc) or from scratch. We can offer troubleshooting services for existing websites that have encountered problems with functionality or display, whether we originally designed the site or not.